Does Anyone Have A Baby In Pampers Size 7?

baby+pampers27 Does Anyone Have A Baby In Pampers Size 7?
luvshelby asked:

For babies unless its very big enough to need them.

My daughter was in size they dont look like they have now they dont look like they are made for babies unless its very big enough to need them.

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  1. nella says:

    idk, maybe they made them because of all this child obesity. i dont even think a size 7 would fit my 7 year old brother. those things have to be huge.

  2. honeybee says:

    thankfully no….

  3. Ronni S says:

    my baby was wearing size 6..but now he can wear 5′s b/c he lost weight and is geting taller..he just has a big butt

  4. tll says:

    It may be for special needs kids….like too young for depends, too big for reg size diapers… son is 17 months and in a size 4… I suppose if you are late on potty training your child can make it to size 7…i never pay attention in the diaper aisle so i didnt realize they went to size 7…..hmmmm

  5. Wishmaster says:

    Its funny that you ask this question because when my son was 6months old he was already in a size 4 pampers diaper(he had very fat round legs) and the smaller one would leave abrasions on his legs and we called pampers and asked them why they don’t have diapers for kids with big legs and at that time we were told they would look into producing a size 7 diaper, so it’s funny that they now have one and my son is 3.5yrs old and no longer in diapers.

  6. Jennifer says:

    i used to be a infant/toddler teacher at a child development center and i occasionally had some 2-3 year old children who were a little too big for the size 6 diapers. usually these children were those who were a bit heavy and husky for their age. the size 7 diapers were more comfortable and better suited for them to wear. these larger diapers are also for those children who are not developmentally ready, either emotionally, physically, or cognitively, to start potty-learning. just because their body is growing and getting bigger doesn’t neccessary mean that a child is ready to start using the potty. so until everything (again–emotionally, physically, & cognitively) catches up with one another, these larger diapers are great for the child to wear.

  7. Mommy2 says:

    Some children have devleopmental problems so they need to wear diapers a bit longer then other children. Maybe pampers came out with size 7 to help out those moms who struggle with developmental disability children. Your daughter was petite just as mine is but that doens’t mean every child is.

  8. jenn a says:

    for special needs and severely obese toddlers no way a size 7 would fit an infant. my son was in a 6 at night when we started potty training. and then we switched to pull ups,

    these days alot of parents are very lazy about toilet training they expect their child to get it after being told once. or they are just too lazy period to even potty train

    i met a mother once and babysat for her that said she wasnt potty training her children. they would do it when ever the decided he child is now 7 still in diapers last i knew, and shes losing custody. dss intervened when a school teacher walked in and saw the little girl changing her diaper, the school was unaware that the child wasnt potty trained the mother lied on the registration forms her 3other kids all under 7 were also still in diapers the youngest was 10 months. she also still breast fed all the kids and pumped milk in a bottle for the oldest 2 for school.
    it scary how lazy some parents are. she told me once that she expected the schools to toilet train. she was to busy having sex and get wasted to deal with the stupid kids and yes i reported her. her seven year old wore size small depends i am sure the size seven would have fit her since she only weighed 43 lbs. this was a year ago though.

  9. Salli B says:

    My son is 2 1/2 and we’ve just started potty training. He’s doing pretty well as long as we’re at home, but is still really wet at night and naptime. We might have to move up to a 7 when this pack of 6′s is gone. He’s not fat, but his legs are really solid and we’ve been having leaking issues at night. I’m so sick of changing sheets every morning I’d gladly by the 7′s if it meant not changing the sheets every day.

  10. nate_dra1 says:

    WOW that is one big diaper my son is 18 months and is still in size 3 , my oldest son never even made it out of size 4 or 5 when he got potty trained. Both of my sons are really tal too.

  11. cmac05 says:

    my girls never went higher than a size 4 before they were pottytrained, my older son was in a size 5 when he got potty trained….but my baby is 6.5 months old and already in a size 4 so he may end up in size 7 before its allsaid and done lol

  12. Computer Geek says:

    Your 12 and you have a daughter? Or maybe your just a troll
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  13. *~*Latina princess*~* says:

    No my son is not that big. He is in a size 3 now. And you do sound like a troll. You claim to have different ages on your questions..and did post made up questions.

  14. Jara-Lee B says:

    First you are 12 and just lost your virginity, then you were married with two obviously grown children…you sound like a troll…but my little cousin is potty trained…wears size 4 at night just in case…I had no clue they even made the that big…I would say it is for special needs kids who haven’t developed enough.

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