Pampers Swaddlers of Pampers Baby Dry diapers?

baby+pampers3 Pampers Swaddlers of Pampers Baby Dry diapers?
huskygirl32985 asked:

For newborn infant thanks will be the difference between the same price know want to me and cost wise they also seem to have more diapers but dont understand the same to use pampers baby dry brand diapers but dont understand the.

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  1. ladedamom says:

    One may have aloe or a better “cloth”. Huggies does this. I like the supreme diapers because they have a more cloth like feel and aloe in the cloth. They are also cut a little different to contour better. Regular Huggies work well but aren’t contoured cut. I would imagine Pampers does something similar.
    Personally I will not buy Pampers products. They use proceeds to support Unicef and Unicef is using their funds to try and stop international adoptions. As an adoptive mommy I can’t support their causes.

  2. 3 girls call me mommy says:

    just choose which ever you like better.
    as for the difference go to their website and see what the difference is

  3. ツ Connors Mommy ツ says:

    Ever notice the inside of the diaper? Swaddlers have the net/mesh looking liner in the inside of the diaper. Baby dry does not have that. The comparable pampers diaper to the swaddler is the Pampers Cruisers. Same inside as the swaddler, just different outside.

    I prefer the swaddlers. My son, who’s 19 months, just got out of swaddlers size 2-3. I loved how they absorbed. I never had a runny or leaky diaper.

  4. momto2babyboys says:

    Baby Dry have extra inside, more for overnight use.

  5. danielle m says:

    hi there well i wish i knew the actual difference but i don’t. i use pampers baby dry for my baby and have for all of my children, i like them because they don’t leak and they absorb more than any other kind. hope this helps and good luck!!

  6. 3mom says:

    Honestly, I never believed there was much difference with diapers. With my older 2 girls, I used Luv, Huggies, or whatever I had coupons for. When I had my son, several people talked about how Swaddlers were better for boys and they are RIGHT! Somehow he’d pee right out of the side of huggies or whatever. Swaddlers were always leak proof and it has something to do wiht that mesh. Now, he is 18 months and I am using pampers baby dry because they work.

    Just wanted you to know that sometimes you have to try a few to get one that works for you!

  7. lorrai h says:

    Love the swaddlers!!!!!

  8. lo says:

    swaddlers feel like velvety soft cotton. they are wonderful!!

  9. Tink says:

    well there is not much diff. i use them both and i like the swaddlers for a new born they seem to keep them dryer and hold more pee too. but they work both equally well also if you have a boy watch out they will tend to pee out of them make sure his peebug is pointing down lol or he will pee out the top of it. and if it seems when he or she is getting bigger that no matter what you do they pee out of it then its about time to move up in the size at least it helped son is 6 months old and 15 pounds and is in a size 2 now.oh and the swaddlers seem to be a little bit bigger in size as well and i like that for night time diapers cause they hold more.

  10. tl100 says:

    Pampers Swaddlers are much softer. I loved them!! They only go to size 2, though. Baby Dry is more plastic like. They’re okay, but not as good as Swaddlers.

    Edit: I like Cruisers better than Baby Dry, but I like Huggies better than Baby Dry or Cruisers. Huggies and especially Huggies Supreme are soft and more comparable to Swaddlers.

  11. Jo A says:

    If you’re buying diapers you can use the code 10FORYOU at checkout at and get $10 off your first order + FREE shipping + FREE 1 year subscription to Parenting magazine. It’s a pretty good deal.
    We use the Swaddlers which we really like, but not used the baby dry to compare.
    Good luck!

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